Capability building

Bring the skills and mindsets in-house

Being more customer-centric is a goal for many organisations. We have a range of training and mentoring programs to support your transition to new ways of working.

Training and programs

  • Awareness raising programs to build organisational readiness and mindsets.
  • Deep dives into design methods for practitioners
  • Leadership programs

Mentoring and coaching

  • Support for individuals, teams and leaders.
  • We help you navigate barriers to changing the way your organisation works, progressively introducing you to relevant tools and tactics.
  • An individual skills assessment and development plan
  • A bundle of hours to redeem over a period of time.

Related case studies

Capability building

Growing HCD capability across Queensland Government

Queensland Government is on a journey to embed design practices at scale. Applying a human-centred design approach to developing a framework for building design capability (yes, meta) resulted in a solution appropriate for and specific to the context of government, accommodating the diversity of roles, existing processes, culture and constraints.

Capability building

36,000 hours of training, mentoring and coaching

Since 2016 we have spent over 36,000 hours helping more than 1500 people across Australia and New Zealand to learn new skills and ways of working. We have guided groups and individuals, in-person and using online video tools.

Capability building

Mentoring government staff in human-centred design mindsets

We have partnered with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to help them better understand their customers’ experiences, needs, motivations and goals, with an aim to designing better services, offers and interventions.

Capability building

Coaching the Australian Bureau of Statistics to deliver digital services

The ABS is on a journey to become a human-centred organisation, with the aim of delivering better services for the people of Australia. Meld Studios is supporting ABS with this ambition. It is a multi-year journey that has started with building in-house design skills and coaching teams as they navigate a range of projects.

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