Emma is an interdisciplinary thinker, interested in learning how people experience and interact with the world around them.

Before joining the team at Meld Studios Emma studied as an Industrial designer at Massey University (New Zealand), Linnaeus University (Sweden) and Rhode Island School of Design (USA). After graduation Emma was awarded runner up of the National James Dyson Innovation award.

Emma went on to become a shoemaking assistant for Andrew Macdonald (Australia) and then Mike Fritton (USA). In 2016 Emma joined the multidisciplinary design studio Ziba as a Service Designer. Working with clients such as Reebok, GSK, Kauai bank and the Children’s Cancer Association.

Since her inception at Meld, Emma has been focused on human experiences within education, healthcare and federal government. Emma’s involvement in design led projects has informed human centered methodologies, design strategy and organisational interaction between people, services and products.

Emma has an aspiration to incorporate the thinking used in ethnography and anthropology into her design practise.