Paul is a principal with 15 years work discovering how people’s experiences can be enriched by brands, products and services to deliver business growth for his clients.

A former qualitative director at The Leading Edge consultancy, Paul was one of the drivers of agency expansion internationally, delivering insights across cultures to global clients in Asia and Europe. Paul led the agency’s offer in commercial application of ethnography and semiotics.

As a founding partner of Ruby Cha Cha, Paul helped build significant local and international success for the agency, with new thinking to reveal and embed insight into clients’ organisations including new ways for client-customer-consumer collaboration to solve business challenges.

For the past 5 years, Paul was the principal of Person 1st, an ethnographic based consultancy delivering deeper understanding of people’s needs, aspirations, anxieties, hopes and dreams; working closely with clients to use insight to drive change and growth in their businesses.

Paul has consulted in Australia and internationally in healthcare, consumer technology, telecommunications and insurance. Paul has degrees in business and chemical engineering.