Bec is a passionate believer in the way design can impact people’s lives; through the organisations, products and services they encounter every day. She thrives in environments where she’s empowering others to tap into their own creativity, empathy and inherent capacity for growth. She has worked in, managed and led digital design teams for more than 18 years.

Bec’s recent experience has seen her build and nurture the rapidly growing design capability in the complex world of financial services for Australia’s oldest bank. During this time Bec formed part of the Experience Design leadership team, who were on the hook to influence at all levels of the organisation; whilst demonstrating the value of a design from strategy through to delivery. Leading the creation and evolution of Westpac’s Global Experience Language; her team delivered a globally recognised framework across six brands.

Bec’s obsession in recent years has been in behavioural change and psychology, cultural change in organisations, and a good dose of neuroscience-based coaching. She’s well placed to increase her reach through her work with the incredible team at Meld Studios; delivering on the importance of scaling a design-led approach in our communities.

With a BA in Communications, Journalism, Bec loves words, but is a woman of action. Talk to her about wild green things domesticated (plants at home), what makes people tick and hot jams for dancing around the kitchen table.