Sabina Popin


    Sabina Popin


    Sabina uses a systemic approach to help organisations better understand today and through collaboration create a better tomorrow for people and planet. Drawing on experience from both industry and academia, her work has contributed to business transformation of 20+ SMEs and large organisations across 15+ industries in both private and public sectors including: transport and infrastructure; built environment; environmental protection policy; digital transformation; financial services; property development; telecommunications; and more.

    Sabina has been living and working in Sweden for the last 18 months where she has worked closely with Telia, one of the Nordics largest Telco operators on the customer centred co-design and implementation of a circular business model. As well as building design capability with clients and their teams to help expand their problem solving and change making toolkit.

    Sabina was an integral part in driving Futurice Stockholm’s approach and point of view for building resilient futures and creating new models of engagement with clients to collaborate toward achieving their sustainability goals.