Port Authority: Redefining sustainability planning

We are helping the Port Authority of NSW to use the creation of its sustainability plan to model new ways of working.

Step 1: Why are we doing this, really?

We started with a workshop to push Port Authority’s thinking about what sustainability means. The full executive team participated in this four-hour session.

Together this group of cross-functional leaders explored:

  • What does sustainability mean to us?
  • Our vision: what outcomes do we hope to see?
  • What is a plan, really? What does a great one look like?
  • What might we include in our plan?
  • How will we work together to create our plan?
  • What does success looks like for us?
  • What are others doing? Local and overseas

Engagement was high. The conversations were insightful and inspiring.

We generated rich content to inform Port Authority’s sustainability vision and redefine its approach to creating a sustainability plan.

“If we don’t think this way, we’ll miss opportunities.”_ — CEO

Step 2: A collaborative approach to identifying and prioritising initiatives

Workshops and interviews with over 40 internal and external stakeholders — from marine operations to board members — revealed more than 50 initiatives that could improve life for people (staff, community, partners), our environment, and for the organisation itself.

As COVID-19 pushed everyone into remote working, we used digital tools to continue momentum and staff engagement. We’re using remote workshops and a survey to evaluate all initiatives and agree what to focus on first.
We’re also providing fortnightly project showcases (recorded) and a weekly newsletter to make the whole process transparent and inclusive for the entire organisation.

“Great that the project is continuing and giving people focus. I’ve had really great feedback about the workshops.” — Sustainability Working Group

What’s next?

There’s more to come. Watch this space to see how Port Authority gets creative with the format of its sustainability plan; and to see the collaborative approach used to create and pilot its 2020 initiatives.

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