When a company gets customer service right, every interaction creates brand advocates

Last week, Meld Principal and co founder Steve Baty posted a blog on the great customer service experience he received after pointing out a spelling error on T2’s  site.

Within 20 minutes, Amanda from T2’s online team came back to welcome the feedback and offer Steve any tea of his choice to say thank you for his trouble. T2 created a refreshing and impressive outcome to criticism and Steve was notably impressed. So much so that he blogged about it almost immediately. And to think, at that point he’d not even received his tea yet.

Well…this morning the door bell rang. Arrived a 1.2kg package addressed to Steve via express delivery. As he opened it, he revealed a lovely, very large, sleek T2 embossed black box. Immediately a group formed as we started to peel open the box. The first layer was a hand written card from Amanda saying “enjoy the tea drinking! Warm regards, Amanda -T2 online”, followed by tea samples, a T2 Life booklet explaining the tea making process, Ayurvedic Tea Chai and finally a very large box of the Assam Steve had requested.

T2 thank you tea box

The outcome: a fantastically executed shared customer service experience which brilliantly conveys the importance T2 place on their customers and their custom. The experience is a story that can and will be shared. The impact: T2 has a lot more brand advocates than just Steve.

This kind of human centred service experience has to come from the top levels of management and be intrinsic to the companies’ ethos. Staff need to be empowered to make their own judgement call and implement such outcomes. I’m pretty sure Amanda did not need to go through a long process of sign off to send Steve some tea, she just did it. Because she could. And look at the affect.

As service designers we know the value of designing beautiful service experience moments. We know how they culminate to differentiate a brand, change behaviour and perception, create a better working environment and make the world a more delightful place to live. We work hard to help our clients create lots of these moments, and strongly believe all industries, companies, and brands should relentless in striving to create excellent service experience.

Top marks T2; keep up the good work. You’ve made a few service designers smile. And p.s. I’m not writing this to receive more tea!

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