Framework of service experience: Could it work?

Many of us in the studio were fortunate to take part in UX Australia 2013, held in Melbourne at the end of August.  As always, they put on a great event (with our very own Steve Baty as one of the event organisers) and Meld Studios was proud to be a sponsor.

UX Australia does a very interesting thing as a part of their program, 10 minute talks. They invite registered attendees to submit an idea and other attendees get to vote on the little bits of content they’d like to hear. I’ve been wondering about how we might create a framework of service experience, something that both designers and businesses could use to get a sense of what is needed in order to deliver a great service experience. It’s not a recipe for service; it’s guidance towards getting all the right ingredients in place in order for great service to exist.

The audio of the talk will be released soon. In the meantime, here are the slides and very beginnings of my thoughts about what such a framework would need to be (and to avoid) in order to be a useful thing for designers and business alike. I spoke to several people who are grappling with the same questions, particularly in the enterprise space. Would be great to continue discussing and furthering the framework to explore what it actually might be.


The description of the talk:

Just as the medical profession knows what needs to be true in and around a person to have a healthy body, what if businesses and designers had a way of thinking about what makes up a ‘healthy’ service experience? I will explore the beginnings of such a model.

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