Great Reads from March 2016

Inspired futures powered by automation

Contributed by Emma Warren

At Meld Studios we’re inspired by the idea that better design can improve our world by enabling and empowering citizens to make meaningful change. As the global economy shifts, automation within organisations changes the way we work and can provide an opportunity to address internal systemic inefficiencies, creating greater interdependence, transparency and responsiveness. Within this context we find it refreshing to contemplate how organisations – supported by automation and comprised of the microinteractions of interdependent individuals – might work together to create a more positive future.

People network


This month we’ve found some great articles to share with you that explore the possibilities that interactions between and within societies on an organisational level provide.


World changing ideas explores how a different kind of thinking can help us address the litany of challenges facing societies today. Many of the answers to solving complex challenges on a systemic level can be derived from the access we have to free knowledge the information revolution has created.


Life after work uses a future-based scenario to explore the the benefits of automation. In this alternate future, work has been decoupled from wages providing freedom for people to create value for society, motivating companies to contribute towards the greater good of communities and society.


The architecture of work unpacks the responsibility of an organisation to enrich life and perpetually create a culture for creative learning.


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