Great reads from September


Our Slack channel #greatreads is a place we post articles, papers, books and other bits of interest. Here’s a selection from the channel from September 2015.

Designing the new economy

Bronwen Morgan at The Conversation took a look at the ethics and practices behind ‘new economy’ companies such as Uber and Amazon after the later came under the spotlight for their poor treatment of staff (nothing new says the BBC and Umair Haque). Morgan’s piece reminds us of the importance of “designing social and ecological values into the heart of technological platforms”, as do some of the recently published UN Sustainable Development goals.

Rethinking retail

At the beginning of the month we held a talk on the future of retail for Sydney Design week. Our panel of retail experts and provocateurs discussed with Sasha what makes an authentic shopping experience and how technology can be used to augment it. This post from Mette Andersen at UsTwo proposes some ways retailers can improve their offers through the support of technology. Thanks again to Remo Giuffré, Teresa Giuffrida and John O’Callaghan for being on the panel.

Designing when everybody designs

Ezio Manzini’s new book ‘Design, When Everybody Designs’ comes at an interesting period for the design industry: when ‘design thinking’ is on everyone’s lips (and on the cover of the Harvard Business Review). Manzini proposes new models for the designer — from expert through to facilitator — calling on designers to be more collaborative, particularly in the area of social innovation.

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