Introduction to Human-Centred Design training

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    Our human-centred design training courses cover an engaging mix of theory and practical activities that will help your organisation make more human-centred services, experiences and decisions. They are typically delivered in timeframes ranging from half a day to three full days.

    Topics include:

    • Overview of HCD, case studies and processes
    • Discovery research techniques and practice
    • Sensemaking techniques and practice
    • Customer journey mapping practice
    • Problem/opportunity framing theory and practice
    • Concept generation/ideation theory and practice
    • Prototyping and testing
    • Concept deconstruction
    • Challenges of applying HCD in practice

    Flexible options

    We have off-the-shelf training offerings which can be customised to your specific needs and delivered at your workplace. We also periodically run public courses which we will feature on our upcoming page when they are open for bookings. You can sign up to our newsletter to make sure you're the first to know.

    Why learn from us?

    Our expertise is recognised and sought after. Our work wins prestigious awards. Meld Studios, in collaboration with Queensland Government, won the 2018 won the Good Design Award® of the Year for the Growing Human-Centred Design Across Queensland Government project.

    We work with many of Australia’s private and public organisations using Service Design to help them tackle their biggest challenges. We continually evolve our approach and we love to share what we’ve learned along the way. We use real life examples and encourage others to share their experiences and questions.

    Who can attend?

    These workshops are ideal for anyone tasked with helping their organisation become more customer-centred. This includes managers of innovation, UX, marketing, IT, products, and customer experience professionals, as well as start ups, business analysts, and change managers.

    Service design, strategic design, design thinking...

    There are many terms that describe the work we do at Meld Studios: human-centred design, service design, co-design, design thinking, strategic design... they all have slightly different meanings depending on the context and who's talking, but all are approaches that help you do the same thing - solve complex problems collaboratively. That's what this course will help you do.

    A typical agenda for three-day training

    We can tailor this training to be half a day, one, two or three days depending on the needs of your organisation. This agenda shows example content for our three-day training.

    service-mapping-smallDay 1

    Customer research and journey mapping

    Day one provides a mix of practical theory and hands-on activities to learn and practice your skills at conducting customer research and using the resulting insights to generate current state customer journey maps for joined-up multi-channel experiences.

    Key topics include:

    • Human-centred design theory and processes
    • Theory and practical experience of planning and conducting contextual research (recruitment, discussion guides, tips and tricks for observational research and interviews – including research with real humans!)
    • Post research activities and deeper sense-making approaches
    • Theory and practical experience of creating a current state journey map
    • Tips and tricks for creating impactful journey maps that have longevity within an organisation
    • How to use journey maps
    • Day one finishes at problem/opportunity framing.

    ABS-Concept_testDay 2

    Concept generation and prototyping

    Day two provides a mix of practical theory and hands-on activities to learn and practice your skills at concept generation, prototyping and future state mapping for joined-up multi-channel experiences.

    Key topics include:

    • Problem/opportunity framing techniques
    • Theory and practical experience of running concept generation workshops
    • Approaches for prototyping and testing concepts
    • Practical hands-on experience of prototyping with real humans

    workshop2Day 3

    Leading human-centred change

    Day three explores the challenges of adopting human-centred design within complex organisations with competing agendas. The day provides an opportunity for reflection and covers a range of tried and tested techniques that create the right environment for good things to happen.

    Key topics include:

    • Collaboration and co-design
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Design walls and showcases
    • Concept elaboration
    • Collaborative prioritisation
    • Communicating the future vision using journey maps

    What attendees say

    "Thanks for a fun and informative introduction to HCD. Great facilitation and group activities. I really enjoyed the 3 day course."

    "This is the only service design course I know of that addresses the intersection between tools, socialisation and organisation/of project activities. You nailed it."

    "When asked “is there anything from the past 3 days that you think you could apply to your work?” …… I am struggling to think of anything that I won’t apply to work!"

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