Organisation design

    Organisation design

    Embedding new practices across your organisation

    Organisations recognise the value of delivering great customer experiences - and doing so in a socially and environmentally responsible way - but most struggle to align their organisational purpose, culture and ways of working to deliver on this rhetoric.

    We help you to design and embed organisational structures, frameworks, operating models, culture and practices to achieve your vision. We have won several Good Design Awards for our work transforming organisations, their culture and ways of working.


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    What is organisation design?

    Design broadly means the process and act of design, without indicating the focus or "object" of design. Organisation design specifically means the process and act of designing how your organisation works.

    It is about designing your organisation's ecosystem, and the embedding mindsets and practices required to achieve your vision.

    Organisation design involves change management. Our approach is to co-design everything, as this embeds new mindsets and practices as we go.

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    Outcomes we help you to achieve

    Through understanding your context, and co-designing with you and your stakeholders, we help you to:

    • Create a shared purpose, vision, values, strategy and outcomes
    • Increase collaboration, internally and externally
    • Establish a sustainable operating rhythm
    • Embed fit-for-purpose tools and processes
    • Embed culture change 
    • Deliver better outcomes for all stakeholders 
    • Enjoy the benefits of employee ownership 

    Organisation design case studies

    Visualising future ways of working at City of Sydney

    New ways of working at the City of Sydney

    We co-designed how the City of Sydney's Communications team positions itself as an internal service function; and helped to establish processes, team structures, and office environments to support new ways of delivering this service.

    Embedding HCD capability at scale
    Organisation design

    Embedding HCD capability at scale

    A collaborative approach, fit-for-purpose toolkit and capability building framework increased awareness and uptake of human-centred design practices across Queensland Government.

    Good Design Award

    Delivering Great Policy framework
    Organisation design

    Delivering Great Policy framework

    We co-designed the Delivering Great Policy framework with hundreds of stakeholders across the Australian Public Service (APS), redefining what best practice engagement looks like to achieve better outcomes for all Australians.

    Good Design Award

    Port Authority of NSWs Sustainability Plan
    Organisation design

    Port Authority of NSW’s Sustainability Plan

    Three years after investing in a collaborative approach to co-create a strategic plan and initiatives roadmap, the Port Authority of NSW is still being recognised for its successful large scale business transformation thanks to internal and external stakeholder engagement.


    Good Design Award

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