One-day strategy planning session


    Is your team ready to fire in 2024? We know from experience how valuable dedicated time together is to help you drive focus and direction. So we’ve put together an offer for us to facilitate a one-day planning session, to ensure you get the most out of your time. 

    We’ll have an initial meeting with you to understand where you’re at and what you want to get out of the day, then we’ll go away and plan an approach to share. This can be iterated and changed right up to and even on the day; we’re experienced facilitators and know that responsiveness and flexibility is key. 



    Customised to you

    Every team is different. We don’t take a templated approach, but tailor the planning day to your specific needs and wants. We’ve done this kind of thing A LOT and we have plenty of experience and different approaches we can draw on. 

    • If you’re a new team the focus might be on getting to know each other, and setting up ways of working and operating rhythms.
    • Established teams might want to spend more time on reflection, getting a shared view on what’s working and what’s not, and prioritising upcoming work (every existing team we’ve worked with has an unmanageable backlog!)
    • If the organisation is going through a lot of change, you might want to spend time exploring what that means for the team and the work, and how you’re going to manage the stress of change both individually and as a team. 

    Example agenda

    9.00 Warm up activity, designed to get everyone in the right mindset
    9.30 Reflecting on the past year (individual then team)
    10:30 MORNING TEA 
    10:45 Team values, expectations and behaviours
    11.30 Ways of working (rhythms, org culture & cadence)
    12:00 LUNCH
    1:00 Looking at the future: risks and opportunities
    2.45 Prioritisation and road map
    3.45 Reflect on the day and key takeaways


    Following the day we’ll create a one-page visualisation of the key takeaways. The intent is for this to be a fun reminder of the day and what you agreed together, that you can put on the wall in a shared space so it’s front of mind. Visuals have a power that you don’t get from wordy documents and powerpoint packs.

    Of course the key outcome is everyone being on the same page. This comes from spending the day together with an experienced facilitator guiding you through a program tailored to your team’s needs. 

    Some examples of visualisations we have done at the end of planning days in the past:

    Examples of the sort of visualisation we might produce at the end of the day

    How much? 

    $9,000 +GST gets you: 

    • A tailored in person planning day with your team (up to 20 people)
    • Two experienced Meld facilitators
    • A one-page visualisation of the outcomes of the day

    Note: price does not include venue or catering.

    Interested in hearing more? Let's chat.

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