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We work with you to design better services, experiences and systems.


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We build your internal human-centred design skills.


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We help you become a human-centred organisation.


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What clients say

Impeccable human-centred service design 

“Total standout project, absolutely inspirational in scope, scale, process and outcome. A gold standard for the Good Design Awards. A comprehensive capability toolkit that is well-designed for the problems it needs to address and well-suited to the audiences and end-users who have to use it.”

2018 Good Design Awards

Improved staff culture

“I am absolutely overwhelmed with the feedback that we’ve been getting. People are feeling good about the environment that they work in.”

James O’Brien, Director Practise Improvement and Service Delivery
Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works

Millions in revenue and cost savings

This work led to $494m per year in increased funds; $12m in revenue over the first 3 years; and $8.5m in cost savings to customers.

Lean Six Sigma team
Financial Services Client

A fresh perspective

“I can really see the value of working with Meld Studios – they’re seeing the library for the first time and have expertise that we don’t.”

Ben Conyers, Manager Service Design and Delivery
State Library of Victoria

Tools to unlock innovative ideas

“It has been incredibly exciting to work with such wonderful teams of people from across the museum and together come up with possibilities for a world-leading museum of the future. Our passion has only grown through this process and we have learnt this incredibly valuable way of working.”

Staff member
Museum of Arts and Applied Science (MAAS)

$36.6m in funding

“Meld Studios helped us to understand our visitor experience, with a particular focus on identifying the behaviours, systems and processes surrounding the delivery of service to visitors. We used this work to secure $36.6m in funding from Victoria State Government.”

Seb Chan, Chief Experience Officer
Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)

Build empathy

“The level of empathy this work creates with its audience is really excellent! This should put us in good stead with our stakeholders; internal and external. Thank you for your help and efforts till date.”

NSW Government client, August 2018

$100k value in two days

“I think we got more insights from interviewing 16 customers, than we did from spending around $100K on our employee engagement survey which covered all employees.”

HR Director
Justice sector

Our latest thoughts

Case studies


Port Authority NSW: Redefining sustainability planning

We are helping the Port Authority of NSW to use the creation of its sustainability plan to model new ways of working.


Growing HCD capability across Queensland Government

Queensland Government is on a journey to embed design practices at scale. Applying a human-centred design approach to developing a framework for building design capability (yes, meta) resulted in a solution appropriate for and specific to the context of government, accommodating the diversity of roles, existing processes, culture and constraints.


Transport as a service in Sydney’s North West

We worked with customers and transport stakeholders to orchestrate how all modes of transport and mobility come together as a service ecosystem. This project received a Gold award at the 2019 Good Design Awards for excellence in public sector service design.


Coaching the Australian Bureau of Statistics to create new digital services

Australian Bureau of Statistics is on a journey to become a human-centred organisation, with the aim of delivering better services for the people of Australia. Meld Studios is supporting ABS with this ambition. It is a multi-year journey that has started with building in-house design skills and coaching teams as they navigate a range of projects.

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