Design Services

    We enable organisations to uncover opportunities, co-design outcomes and ethically create value for all stakeholders – customers, staff, shareholders, partners and society.

    Service design

    Service design


    Having services that meet the needs of your customers and be something your organisation and people can deliver is critical for success. We work with you and your customers to create the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders. We use a design process to uncover customer and colleagues experience problems, unlock opportunities and bring them to life.

    Capability building

    Capability building


    A human-centred design mindset and skillset for your people delivers on your organisation’s ambition to deliver great customer experiences. We provide a range of training and coaching programs to embed design capability across your organisation, and since 2016 we have helped thousands of people across Australia, New Zealand and Asia to adopt new skills and ways of working.

    Organisation design

    Organisation design


    Organisations recognise the value in delivering great customer experience, but most struggle to align their organisational purpose, culture and ways of working to deliver on their customer-centred rhetoric. Meld Studios designs ways of working through organisational structures, frameworks, operating models, culture and practices.

    The work we do

    Employee experience

    As colleague experience becomes ever more paramount for organisational success, we’re increasingly applying human-centred techniques to design how people work together - their culture, mindsets, practices and tools.

    Find out about employee experience, ways of working and change projects we’ve delivered (PDF 2MB)

    Sustainability & environmental

    We’ve applied human-centred design practices to projects tackling the most important challenge facing us today - sustaining and renewing our environment in the face of climate change. We also partner with specialists in this sector.

    Find out about our sustainability, environmental and circular economy projects (PDF 2.5MB)

    Digital, Product & Technology

    We’ve partnered with government, private organisations, customers and citizens across Australia to tackle platform migrations, enterprise implementations, product design, digital strategy and workplace transformations.

    Find out about the digital, workplace technology and product work we do (PDF 2.7MB)

    Transport & built environment

    We see complementary value between our human-centred design practices and those of planners, urban designers, architects, interior designers, and builders in infrastructure and built environment projects.

    Find out about the value we bring to transport, infrastructure and built environment projects (PDF 2.4MB)

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