Capability building

    Design training and programs

    We offer a range of off-the-shelf and customised design training and programs that nurture in-house design capabilities and create the right mindsets for human-centred design to get traction.

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    Solving complex problems

    Human-centred design, service design, co-design, design thinking, strategic design... all help you do the same thing: solve complex problems collaboratively. Courses we offer:

    Organisation transformation

    We are increasingly supporting organisations to transform by becoming more human-centred and collaborative from the inside out, including providing training:

    Micro-skills for designers

    Service designers need to be able to communicate effectively through many different mediums. These courses will help you build your skills in:

    Related case studies

    Hand-drawn sketches on a wall
    Capability building

    Supporting human-centred design capability growth at the SA Department for Education

    Over the last few years we have provided a range of services to nurture human-centred design capability within various teams in the South Australian Department for Education. 

    Woman annotates drawings on wall

    Growing HCD capability across Queensland Government

    A collaborative approach, fit-for-purpose toolkit and capability building framework increased awareness and uptake of human-centred design practices across Queensland Government.

    Good Design Award


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