Capability building

    Mentoring and coaching

    Build confidence that you’re doing the right thing. Draw on our broad experience and expertise for advice about how to:

    • Recruit a high-functioning team
    • Get your team humming (operating rhythm)
    • Be an engaging leader
    • Make better decisions
    • Shape and guide projects
    • Engage stakeholders and work through resistance to get buy in
    • Find your next role.
    Design training and programs

    Individual mentoring sessions start from $1,000 (ex GST). Group mentoring session start from $200 (incl GST) per person. Reach out to Alison Sharp, our General Manager, via or +61 (0)450 489 410 to find out more.


    What can mentoring do for me?
    Mentoring provides tailored, just-in-time support for your immediate and long term challenges. Benefits include:

    • Increased confidence that you’re doing the right thing
    • Better ways to navigate challenges
    • Better decisions
    • Increased customer and staff engagement
    • Reduced risk of failure.

    Why do mentoring with Meld?
    The questions we pose and the expertise we share is based on almost 10 years experience as Meld Studios—having worked with over 150 organisations across 15 industries—plus our previous professional and academic experience.

    You are tapping into a wealth of expertise that spans ethnographic research, psychology, business, service design, industrial design, organisation design, change management, events and visual communication. Many of us have more than 20 years experience and are recognised influencers of our industry.

    How does it work?
    After a quick call to understand your challenge and budget, we will pair you up with a suitable mentor. In your first session together you will get advice on your immediate challenges and map out a plan for further sessions if that’s needed. You can sign up for another one-off session or for a package off time to draw upon.

    What is group mentoring?
    This is a 2-hour conversation facilitated by Meld for a small group of people who are facing a similar challenge (typically 4 or 5 max). You’ll get to draw on the experience of Meld and your fellow participants for advice. Sessions are held at our Sydney and Melbourne studios, and run virtually via Zoom.

    Who else will be there for the group sessions?
    Group mentoring sessions are open to everyone. It may be a few people from the same organisation or people from different organisations. Either way, we create an opportunity to connect, share and learn from people facing a similar challenge in addition to learning from us.

    I don’t want to share my issues with people I don’t know
    We ask our participants to follow Chatham House Rules and not repeat what has been shared by others without consent. We also offer individual, private sessions if your challenges are too personal or sensitive to share in a group setting.

    Do I need special hardware or software to join virtually?
    No, we will use Zoom. You will access the session via a link that works on most phones, tablets and computers.

    Is catering provided?
    We will provide light refreshments for group mentoring sessions at our studios.

    I have more questions
    Reach out to Alison Sharp, our General Manager, via or 0450 489 410. She will happily answer your questions.

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