Reimagining the State Library of Victoria

Meld Studios helped the State Library of Victoria to define their future state vision, including how the building could be reimagined to support new services and the enhanced use of technology.

This project:

  • Won Gold for Service Design at the 2015 Good Design Awards
  • Was a finalist in the Global Service Design Awards in 2015
  • Informed thinking behind the library’s 2020 development plan
  • Helped to secure $81m in funding to bring the vision to life.

Judges said this was:

“A brilliant case study on the positive impact of a design-led approach in an area that is undergoing significant transformation and disruption.”

Justine Hyde, Director at SLV commented:

“Meld’s work helped inform the thinking behind our Vision 2020 development plan. We went on to secure $81m in funding to bring this vision to life.”

Many of the ideas created during the highly collaborative project are currently being launched. These ideas were co-created with staff (over 100 staff took part) and were prototyped and tested within the library. This ensured wide excitement and ownership of new ways of working, as well as full support from the union for driving change in such an inclusive manner.

See a video of the work:

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