Service design

Design better services, experiences and systems

We partner with you to design the best possible service, experience or way of working within the constraints of your environment. We use tools and tactics to unlock innovative ideas and, more importantly, bring those ideas to life.

Since 2009 we have designed services, experiences and systems for 150 organisations across 15 industries – including health, education, museums, transportation, infrastructure, financial services, and government.

How we work

  • We immerse ourselves in opportunity and problem spaces.
  • We create engaging communication tools to share findings.
  • We collaboratively explore and prototype solutions.
  • We obtain buy-in for visions and prioritise the roadmap.
  • We create greater value for customers, staff and stakeholders.

What it’s like to work with us

  • A true partnership – We work ‘with’ you, not ‘for’ you.
  • Connected – We help you work with your stakeholders.
  • Optimism and pragmatism – We think the best, but are realists.
  • Tangible – We bring ideas to life so they can be understood and critiqued.
  • Transparent – We will be honest with you at all times.

Related case studies

Service design

Creating ASIC’s Financial Wellbeing Network

One in three Australians find dealing with money overwhelming, and nearly half of Australia’s 12.6m workers worry about their financial situation. In response, ASIC designed their Financial Wellbeing Network; a service bringing together a diverse group of organisations all helping Australians to be in control of their financial lives.

Service design

City of Sydney – Visitor information services

Meld was engaged to reimagine the end-to-end service experience of visitor information needs.

Service design

Building towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future

New homes are a major contributor to global warming. While builders in New South Wales are designing energy-efficient homes to address this problem, they struggle to sell the benefits to homebuyers. This service engages builders and homebuyers to co-design solutions to this challenge.

Service design

Transport as a service in Sydney’s North West

We worked with customers and transport stakeholders to orchestrate how all modes of transport and mobility come together as a service ecosystem. This project received a Gold award at the 2019 Good Design Awards for excellence in public sector service design.

Service design

Redesigning the Fortitude Valley housing service centre

This multi award-winning transdisciplinary design project transformed a Queensland housing service centre into a welcoming and safe environment. The centre experience is now supported by an improved service model which recognises staff expertise, empowering them to provide client-centered support. The process is being used as a model for all future centre design.

Service design

Designing the 2021 Census experience

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is committed to delivering a better Census experience. The ABS Census team invited Meld Studios to help them explore and define a joined-up, end-to-end, cross-channel experience that enables more people to successfully self-complete the Census; and build human-centred design skills within their team.

Service design

Reimagining a cultural institution

A multi-award winning initiative to reimagine a cultural institution for the 21st Century. Meld Studios helped the State Library of Victoria to define their future state vision, including how the building could be reimagined to support new services and the enhanced use of technology.

Service design

Improving wayfinding at Melbourne’s busiest train station

We helped Public Transport Victoria design, prototype and test digital signage at Flinders Street Station.

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