2017: A year in review


What a year 2017 has been! This year we have had the incredible opportunity to partner with many public, private, nonprofit and government organisations, making workplaces more human-centred and together tackling complex business challenges using human-centred design. Together we have done work that has the ability to impact the lives of every Australian.

Here’s a taste of what we were honoured to do in 2017

We worked with…

  • government agencies across Australia to collaborate via a matchmaking process where we connected people working on similar projects.
  • a national insurer building a comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to start a family in Australia today.
  • an organisation to identify key points of friction in the onboarding experience of their pre-school technology service.
  • a national service to understand customer behaviour, across multiple product segments, informing the launch of new services and product strategies.
  • local government see their services through customers’ eyes, while also developing their customer-centric design capability.
  • a University to reimagine their service model for researchers and put researcher experience at the centre for improving services.
  • a global engineering firm to reimagine their business model for a digital world and built a shared vision for how they might extend their offering into new services.
  • a government organisation to understand how the built environment will shape the experiences of people inside their new building.
  • a university to inform organisational change from their students’ perspective.
  • fifty museum staff through five months of design sprints in order to embed human-centred design methods in their work.
  • a museum to understand the behavioural drivers behind the use of technology within the museum.
  • a government organisation to understand the behavioural drivers behind waste and dumping.
  • a government organisation to understand how the business processes and technological capabilities of their service providers will affect their ability to operate in a new regulatory environment.
  • a property developer to design the future experience of working, living, and socialising in one of their new buildings.
  • a transport agency to improve public transport for all riders, including people with mobility aids, vision and hearing impairments, by conducting a large-scale usability test of the riding experience.

To celebrate the holidays, and to honour all of you, we will be donating $3,000 to the GO Foundation. The GO Foundation focuses on education and scholarships, working to create a brighter future for Indigenous Australians. The GO Ecosystem is a network that together works to empower Indigenous Australian youth to change their own lives, providing mentoring and support to GO students on their journey from Kindergarten to employment.

All 28 of us who feel fortunate to call ourselves Meldsters in Sydney and Melbourne wish you all a Happy Holidays and an amazing New Year!


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