June @WeAreMeld

June gave us some time to explore areas of personal interest at Meld Studios. The team has been looking into:

  • Pain points in Sydney public transport services,
  • Customer experiences that support airline cost-cutting initiatives,
  • Trends in virtual learning, and
  • Optimisation of the work place.

Watch this space – we will share our insights and opportunities for these topics shortly.

Sydney train map
Photo: Interpreting the Sydney train map


We have also been attending some great community events, including:

  • GROUNDBREAKER: a series of hands-on workshops and discussions brought to us by the same UTS u.lab team that brought us BikeTank in 2011,
  • Sydney service design coffee mornings: informal chats with fellow practitioners in the Sydney CBD, and
  • GovCamp: a one-day session using co-creation techniques to encourage innovation in public services.

Come say HELLO if you see us out and about, or get in touch if you’re interested in learning more about our research.



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