Reminding ourselves why we are doing this

With new interns and contractors joining Meld Studios, Steve recently shared some reflections on how why we are here and what we’re trying to achieve. It’s too good to keep to ourselves!

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We have a few new people with us, so let me take this opportunity to remind all of us what we’re about…

The world in which we live is not perfect. Not in its structures; not in its parts. Some of that is through design; some ignorance; some neglect. Sometimes it is because of poor choices; a lack of morals; a willingness to take advantage of others. And, generally, all of it is reversible. None of the norms of our society are fixed in stone. In fact, transience is a hallmark of modern society. As is structural and systemic inequality.

The people you work with are actively, passionately, compassionately trying to change that. We are, all of us, working to re-design those structures and systems to restore a more equitable balance. To ensure the poor, sick, disadvantaged, and vulnerable are protected and have an opportunity to thrive. We are doing it in big ways and small. Without flash or glamour. Without ego or ambition or pride.

We are collecting the stories of everyday Australians and telling them to the decision-makers and the powerful. We are helping them be heard. We are, in many ways, the new advocates.

It is not an easy task. It requires us to be vulnerable ourselves, for how else can we genuinely learn about others? To push beyond the everyday mental exhaustion that comes from intellectual effort. To dig deep into our subject matter so that the stories we tell resonate just as deeply.

We may not be a ‘Cause’, but I believe we share a purpose. It’s one I care about; and it’s one I believe is worth our time and energy.

So, support the people around you. Give them your strength and warmth – they’ll need it. Today, or tomorrow, or next week. And don’t be afraid to draw on their strength and support when you need it – that’s not a sign of weakness, it’s the way we all stay strong.

Take care, everyone. It’s a long road we’re on.

– Steve Baty

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