From sketch to reality: Re-designing the service model of the State Library of Victoria

In March 2014 Meld worked with the State Library of Victoria to re-design the Library’s service model and improve the customer and staff experience. The new service model re-zones the library’s spaces to better align with designated services, integrates digital and on-site services, simplifies service processes, addresses funding gaps and helps the Library adapt to the changing role of State Libraries in their community. The Future State Service Model Map identifies thirty discrete projects to implement over the next three to four years.


The Library have been using this map to guide the phased rollout of projects. One project to come to life recently has been the new welcome banners that hang at the main entrance of the Library.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 6.11.58 PM

I still remember the observations that our team made that warranted these large welcome banners. We watched as students poked their head in and walked out, while some tourists never crossed the threshold. We also saw the treasures that lurked in the Dome galleries which were hidden from the large crowds of pedestrians passing from Melbourne Central or having lunch on the lawns. Observations like these translated into opportunities to create a more welcoming environment and to showcase the Library’s beautiful collections.

Examples of projects that are already in progress include: redesigning the welcome zone, better identifying staff in public spaces, giving staff iPads in order to support a more mobile approach to service delivery, and piloting a single customer service point. Less visible projects also underway include: automating and streamlining all of the rosters for front of house and integrating customer service teams so that we can deliver a more coordinated approach to service.

That welcome banner is just a taste of what’s to come, and I can’t wait to see more of our sketches come to life!


This project has won the Good Design Award® Best Overall in Service Design. For more on this project, see:

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