Meld Studios Org Design Experiments

At Meld Studios we use our company as a live prototype for testing contemporary organisational theories and models—we eat our own dog food.

Below is our framing of what a well-designed organisation looks like.

Meld Studios Org Design Model 2019

You can read more about our framework here, but in a nutshell we believe that a well-designed organisation is clear about:

  • Its purpose, vision and values
  • Outcomes it expects at an organisational, team and individual level
  • How it enables people to achieve those outcomes.

We are running a series of live experiments using our own company structure and processes to test different ways of achieving these goals. Watch this space! We will publish our results so that you can learn from these experiments too. You will see blog posts and can talk to us at:

We are looking at:

  • Purpose: How to refine our purpose, vision and values. Our company retreat in January was a successful platform for this.
  • Purpose: An Advocacy Framework to help us live and breath our purpose every day.
  • Outcomes: OKRs as a framework for collectively setting, prioritising and measuring goals.
  • Outcomes: Am I focusing on the right thing? Mapping what I do every day to our goals.
  • Approach: A Decision-Making Framework to help us clarify accountability, assess risk, and make informed, balanced decisions. For example, ethical and sustainable decisions: just because we can, should we?
  • Approach: Mindsets and language: How to help people understand each other and move forward together. We will talk about this at the Design Leadership conference above.
  • Approach: The effectiveness of different organisational design and transformation models.

If you’d like a sneak peak at what we’re doing, you can also get in touch via

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