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We’re excited to take part in Sydney Design 2014, brought to us by the Powerhouse Museum. Sydney Design 2014, from 16 August to 24 August, is a collection of events across Sydney, celebrating design. This year’s theme, Design Futures, is described as:

How we design, produce, consume and interact is being rapidly altered, fuelled by a wave of new technologies and platforms.

We are witnessing a democratisation of design as the borders between designer, producer and consumer are being dissolved. These changes open up endless possibilities for innovative design practice and public participation while alos shattering long-standing production and design methods.

At a time when the only thing that remains constant is change, Sydney Design 2014 celebrates the myriad of exciting ways designers and producers are harnessing this new technological revolution.


rsz_humanbehaviourTo take part in this very important discourse, Meld Studios will be holding a salon-style event on Friday, 22 August from 5-7pm. Our focus? Designing technology for humans. We want to take the opportunity to discuss that technology alone will not bring us the futures we desire. Without a true understanding of human cognition and behaviour, we will never be sure that we’re solving the right challenges with technology, and beyond that, we risk not getting the adoption and utilisation of the new technologies to realise the futures we desire. Our session will focus on how we can help people accept and embrace technology-led change by designing, from start to finish, for human behaviour across scale.

We would love to have you join us for this conversation. This is not a talking-head fest – we really want to create an environment where we can discuss this and identify the critical parts of making our designed futures stick.

Read more about our session, register online, and join us for conversation, nibbles and a drink to boot!

In the lead up, what are some of the things you consider critical for designing for adoption and utilisation of new technology?

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