Upcoming workshop: Fundamentals of Current-State Service Mapping

Historically most of our daily efforts at Meld Studios have focused on project-based work, working with an organisation’s internal teams to strategise, concept and bring informed products and services to life. Through our journey, clients have appreciated our design process and insight-driven service and experience approach and have asked us not only to lead extensive design projects but also to mentor and teach internal teams on how to apply a service-centric design approach to the way they work every day. In essence, our clients don’t only want us to do for them, they want to learn from us in order to internalise a service-centric approach to working.

In response to the growing demand from our business clients, we are proud to introduce a new offering: Events with Meld Studios.



First up in the Events with Meld Studios calendar is a one-day, hands-on workshop looking at the fundamentals of current-state service mapping.

Why it’s relevant

More and more organisations are recognising that a service-centric, rather than strictly product-centric, organisation can improve the customer experience, influence and focus internal decision-making on systems and processes needed, guide staff on mission and service delivery approach, and ensure the service outcomes are efficient, impactful and reflect the organisation’s brand promise.

In order to improve and change the service that organisations provide, from designing the experience down to the delivery of it, we must first understand what is in place today. Creating a current-state service map provides a view of the end-to-end customer journey, the staff experience in delivering it, as well as the systems, processes and materials needed to enable that service.

Service mapping is a process that captures the service ecosystem of an organisation. This results in a visual artefact that expresses the layers surrounding service delivery. The artefact becomes a tool that allows an organisation to assess the service they deliver today, project the kind of service they want to be delivering in the future, and move forward, creating tangible action plans to bring the new and/or improved services to life.


What you’ll get

Meld Studios will provide a one-day, hands-on workshop around current-state service mapping, providing the following outcomes:

  • An understanding of service design, what a current-state service map is, and what it affords the organisation – Introduction to service design & service mapping
  • An understanding of what kind of data and knowledge is required to create a complete current-state picture – Anatomy of a service map
  • Practical guidelines on activities and tasks to use in gathering information about the customer experience, staff experience, systems, processes and artefacts currently in place – Information-gathering activities
  • Practical guidelines on how to map the information in a clear and concise way – Form of the map
  • Practical guidelines on how to make use of the map – Usage of the map

The workshop will be facilitated by Janna Devylder, one of our Principals. Janna has many years experience in delivering this type of work to clients in Australia and the US, and has spoken about service mapping at conferences in Sydney and San Francisco.

All materials, snacks, lunch and drinks will be provided.


Who it’s for

This workshop is ideal for people who are trying to:

  • Improve the experience currently provided around an existing product or service
  • Help their organisation become more service-centric
  • Understand how to deconstruct a service into its component parts (e.g. staff, customers, suppliers, systems, processes, artefacts)
  • Drive business decisions based on desired service experience

This includes managers of innovation, marketing, IT, products, and customer experience, as well as start ups, business analysts, change managers, and in-house design teams.


When, where and how much

When: Friday, 27 July, 9:00am – 4:30pm, coffee and introductions from 8:30am.
Venue: Meld Studios, Level 3, 93 Bathurst Street, Sydney
Price: AU$495 per person, including GST.


What’s next

Register for the workshop today. Spaces are limited so get in quick.

To register or find out more, call Alison Sharp on 0450 489 410 or email events@meldstudios.com.au.


What else

While this particular workshop is open to the public, we also hold private workshop sessions for teams where the examples and activities are more tuned towards a specific challenge their organisation has. Personalised workshops are priced at $5,000 ex GST for up to ten attendees.

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