Visual Thinking workshop (Sydney)

In our work as designers and facilitators we think and communicate visually. Over the past year we have been running series of workshops on service design and journey mapping and kept getting asked – how are you able to visualise so well? We reflected on this and realised it’s because for years, we have built up a visual library of our own, calling on it to represent concepts, discussions and ideas. To that end, we designed our Visual Thinking Workshop and will run it for the first time on Friday October 14 2016.

This will be a hands on workshop. Reflecting on the journey we went on as visual thinkers, we designed this workshop so that the activities and tools will help you gain confidence to think and communicate visually.

Pen in hand, you will learn how to use visual thinking as a tool to:

  • Express thinking, discover and problem solve
  • Better engage groups to think and problem-solve as a collective
  • Represent complex ideas in a tangible way
  • Give a ‘face’ to ideas expressed in conversations and meetings
  • Capture conversations, presentations and thinking, showing relationships between ideas and topics

To sign up, please visit our Eventbrite page. Hope to see you there!



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