The customer experience, service design and organisational design diagram

A while back I worked closely with Kimberley Crofts to create a diagram to visually contextualise the work we do and the impact it can have on customer experience, staff experience and organisations in general.

service design model

Over the last 18 months I’ve used the diagram in a variety of different contexts to explain the outside-in work we do at Meld, service design, cross-channel customer experience, the importance of staff experience, etc.

I think it is about time that I/we let go of the diagram and see if it has a life of its own. So I offer it up for you to download and use under Creative Commons. You are free to use the diagram, but it must be attributed to Meld Studios.

Download now

Service design diagram (PDF)

A bit about the diagram

I firmly believe that the experience an organisation delivers to customers is a reflection of the organisation itself. Silo-ed organisations deliver disjointed experiences. Organisations with poor internal communication communicate poorly to customers, etc, etc. Yes an organisation can temporarily mask customers from their worst inefficiencies, but it is my firm belief that this masquerade never lasts for long.

Hence solving only the customer experience is just a temporary fix. Long term solutions require organisations to reflect on the processes, systems and cultures within their organisation. Only by looking at the broader eco-system, can long term change be made.

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